Important note

There is a serious problem in myatmo v3.0.8 and v3.0.9, caused by a faulty third-party component. Please update to v3.0.10 of myatmo, which is now available in the AppStore. Please also note the release notes for v3.0.10 on the AppStore. Thank you.

Problems with the myatmo Watch App?

If you have problems with the myatmo v3 Apple Watch app or with watch complications, uninstall myatmo from your iPhone, restart your iPhone and your Apple Watch (very important) and reinstall myatmo. This usually fixes any issues with the myatmo Apple Watch app.

 What are those symbols when I touch the wind rose of the wind gauge display?


myatmo display Beaufort Symbols for the current wind speed - touch the wind rose within the wind gauge display and you will see the appropriate Beaufort Symbol according to this table:


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