Authentication problems with netatmo

Due to a technical change on the part of the netatmo infrastructure, it is necessary to install and use the latest myatmo version available in the App Store.

Old versions of myatmo are no longer supported due to the changes to the netatmo authentication, an update of these old myatmo versions is not possible.

It is therefore essential to update to the latest version of myatmo. If you are using an old iOS version that is no longer supported by the latest myatmo version, you must update iOS or use myatmo on a device that has the latest iOS version installed. Due to technical limitations of old iOS systems, it is not possible to provide the latest myatmo version on outdated iOS versions.

 Ist ein Datenexport aus myatmo heraus möglich?


Ja, myatmo v2 und neuer (nur Premium Nutzer) unterstützt CSV Datenexport heraus aus der myatmo Diagrammansicht.

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