How does WatchOS refresh Watch complication data for myatmo?


Please note the following regarding the refresh of Watch complications:

  • Refreshing the watch complications is managed by WatchOS and usually occurs every 15-90 minutes. Required is a proper connection between the Watch and the iPhone, and the iPhone needs a good connection to the internet
  • myatmo has NO (!) influence when WatchOS refreshes the complications as that depends on available resources on the watch - myatmo 'asks' WatchOS to update complications every 15 to 60 minutes, but that does not mean that the refresh will actually be executed by WatchOS within that time frame. Give the complication a chance to work - you'll notice that WatchOS refreshes the data properly, but sometimes it just takes a bit longer
  • An update of the complication data can not be expected at fixed intervals, but at irregular times set by WatchOS
  • The more you work with your watch and with the myatmo Watch app, the more reliable complications get refreshed
  • If the battery of the Apple Watch is almost empty, WatchOS stops refreshing complication data unless the battery is charged again
  • A refresh of watch face complications will stop if the myatmo Watch App is killed and no longer executed. To force a refresh of the complication data, just open the myatmo Watch App

If you still encounter problems with the refresh of complication data, a restart of the Apple Watch and the paired iPhone usually fixes the problem and forces WatchOS to re-initiate complication refresh functions.