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Does myatmo support the Apple Watch?
Yes, up from v1.7.0 myatmo supports the Apple Watch with a myatmo Watch App.
How does WatchOS refresh Watch complication data for myatmo?
Please note the following regarding the refresh of Watch complications: Refreshing the watch complications is managed by WatchOS and usually occurs every 15-90 minutes. Required is a proper connection...
Does myatmo support the new Watch Series 3 mobile connection?
No. myatmo requires a connection to the iPhone to refresh data. The new mobile connection of Apple Watch 3 Series is not supported by myatmo.
Problems with the myatmo Apple Watch app
If you experience problems with the myatmo Apple Watch app or with watch complications, then the following steps usually help: delete myatmo from the paired iPhone restart iPhone and Apple Watch - thi...
Where can I configure the Apple Watch complications?
The myatmo data to be displayed in an Apple Watch complication can be set in the myatmo iOS app >>> Settings >>> Watch complications.