Why can't I see my own station on the map?


If your own netatmo weather station is not visible on the netatmo weather map, neither on the myatmo average values map, then one of the following reasons can be possible:

  1. Your weather station is not set in the station's settings to contribute measurement data
  2. If an owner of a netatmo weather station decides to contribute the station data to the map, the station is checked for two to three weeks to make sure that the station's data is correct. If so, the data is accepted. That means that it will take some time for a station to apear in the map even if the data is correct
  3. The location information for your weather station is incorrectly set in the station settings

If you are sure that nothing of the above can be the reason for your station not to appear on the map, then please contact netatmo support.


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