What does the error message 'The netatmo server does not answer' mean?


If myatmo displays the warning 'The netatmo server does not answer' or a similar message, this means that myatmo has not received a response from the netatmo data server on which the weather station's measurement data is located. This can have several reasons:

  1. There is no internet connection on your device
  2. The netatmo data server is currently not available or does not answer
  3. The netatmo data server is available, but answers with an error message
  4. myatmo has been used too often in a short time with your credentials or with your authentication, i. too many data requests were sent from your device to the netatmo data server. As a result, netatmo blocks your authentication and no longer answers future queries. What exactly this limit is, is unknown to us, because the netatmo data server is managed by netatmo and not by us

myatmo does not connect directly to your weather station, because the weather station sends its measured values ​​to the server of the manufacturer of the station, from which myatmo queries this data. If errors occur on the side of the data server, then myatmo will not be able to display the measurement data of your weather station. Unfortunately, we can not change that because the netatmo data server is beyond our control. In this respect, myatmo, like any other third party app, depends on the availability of the netatmo data server.

If the problem cannot be solved by

  1. a deletion of myatmo
  2. a subsequent reboot of the device and
  3. a reinstall of myatmo

then you have to contact the netatmo customer service. Please include the MAC address of the main module of your weather station (you will find it in the settings for your weather station here) and your username, which you use to log in. Describe the problem and ask for clarification why myatmo can not connect to the netatmo data server with your login data.

Since the netatmo data server does not return detailed error messages to myatmo, myatmo is not able to give you the exact cause of such errors. but netatmo is able to analyze such errors based on the server log files. We already contacted netatmo and asked for a list of potential errors and error codes so that myatmo would be able to provide detailed information to you in case of such problems, but unfortunately netatmo never provided the requested information.

If netatmo can not help or if netatmo can not provide a reasonable cause for the problem, your device may have some basic issues that could cause myatmo to lose its authentication credentials. Unfortunately, we can not remotely analyze such problems, i.e. we would need direct access to the device to find out the exact cause.

Please also note: even if the official netatmo app works and is supplied with data, this does not mean that there cannot be server problems!


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