The data displayed in myatmo appear implausible or incorrect to me


The data and measured values ​​of a netatmo weather station displayed in myatmo are obtained by myatmo exclusively from the netatmo data server, to which your netatmo weather station sends its measured values ​​at regular intervals. Some values ​​are aggregated on the server side, depending on the reporting period. Please note our FAQ here.

If the measured values ​​seem implausible to you, please note that we cannot offer you any real help in such a case, because we have no insight into the netatmo server infrastructure. myatmo can only display and visualize what data is supplied by the netatmo data server.

If individual modules show abnormally high or low measured values, then please check the functionality of the module by using a reference measuring device (thermometer, hygrometer, etc.). Make sure that your modules are not exposed to (temporary) sunlight. If one of your modules continues to deliver incorrect and implausible measured values, contact netatmo customer service - the module in question may be defective.