myatmo Premium: no sync with other devices or not recognized at all


Important: If you just purchased myatmo Premium, then please wait up to 48 hours for the Premium status to be sync'ed with your (other) devices. This might take some time. Deleting myatmo from your device, then restarting the device and re-installing myatmo does sometimes force the synchronization. However, please read the below for additional information how sync'ing is done and what the requirements for a successful synchronisation are.

How does that all work?

The myatmo Premium status is automatically synced via iTunes with all devices registered under a specific Apple ID. This synchronization is done via Apple Server, i.e. the entire infrastructure is provided by Apple. This infrastructure is constantly available on all devices.

!!! The only requirement is an active Internet connection and that the devices in question with which the myatmo Premium status is to be synchronized are all registered under the same Apple ID, use the same iCloud account, and that 'iCloud Drive' is enabled for myatmo.

Important: we are not talking about the 'iTunes & App Store' login in the iOS settings, but the registration of the device itself under a specific Apple ID and a specific iCloud account.

It is extremely important that the device is registered under the same Apple ID as any other device that wants to access the myatmo Premium status. Furthermore, it is extremely important that iCloud is enabled and on all devices in question, the iCloud login was performed under exactly the same Apple ID. If different Apple IDs are used here, the myatmo status can not be transferred to other devices!

If, contrary to expectations, there are synchronization problems, the following steps can solve the problem:

  1. Delete myatmo from the device in question
  2. Make sure that 'iCloud Drive' is activated for myatmo - you can check this in the iCloud settings on your device. More details here.
  3. Restart the device in question (very important!)
  4. After restarting the device, you can reinstall myatmo again

If this did not help then try this:

  1. Check in advance if the date settings of the device in question are correct, i. date and time are set correctly: it is important here that the date and time settings in iOS  are automatically made by iOS - manual date or time settings can lead to problems with iCloud services

    Then, follow these steps to disconnect your device from iCloud and re-connect it afterwards:

  2. Open the iOS settings and tap onto the Apple ID at the top
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the following screen and tap 'Sign out'
  4. Follow the instructions
  5. Restart the device after signing out
  6. After rebooting: sign in again, specifically to the exact same Apple ID of the device where the myatmo Premium purchase was initiated. If you use a different Apple ID here, then sync'ing the myatmo Premium status will NOT work
  7. Wait 10-20 minutes - this is important as iOS independently decides when the Premium status will be transferred to the Apple servers. myatmo has no influence on that!

Additional information on how to disconnect your device from iCloud can be found here.

Important: Ensure that all your devices use the same iCloud account. Click here to learn how to set up iCloud.

Synchronization will then be performed when myatmo is restarted.

Tip: to check which devices are registered under your Apple ID, please check this Apple website. How to correctly log in for iCloud services under an Apple ID is described here.

Important: the device on which myatmo Premium was originally purchased must have an active internet connection, otherwise the premium status can not be transferred to the Apple servers and therefore will not be visible on other devices under the same Apple ID. Re-activating or checking the myatmo Premium status can be done in myatmo:

  1. On the myatmo main screen with the individual modules of the current weather station, tap on the button with the three dots in the top left corner
  2. At the bottom of the left-hand menu, tap the 'star' icon at the bottom
  3. On the 'myatmo Premium' screen at the bottom, touch 'Check or Recover Premium Status'

Again, of course, an internet connection is needed. And of course: the Apple ID must be the right one as explained above.

Important note about Family Sharing: myatmo Premium subscriptions are not self-renewing and must or can be renewed manually after expiry. Family Sharing isn't supported for Apple's non-self-renewing subscriptions.


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